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All messengers are bad in some way or another.

iMessage lacks platform universality. Telegram doesn’t believe in decency—any message can be deleted forever, for all sides. Signal is badly designed. WhatsApp doesn’t respect privacy.

Email, however, is universal, honest, unintrusive, simple, and as private as one wants it to be.

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A newspaper is the worst content format out there. It’s impossible to read without crumbling its paper and getting furious about its massive size and idiotic foldedness. Newspapers should not exist in the modern world.

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Cancel culture and dialogue

I despise cancel culture: responding to every mishap is a path to isolation.

Dialogue between adversaries should never stop, as it is the only way to find a solution that works well for both sides.

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Don’t tell me to change my lifestyle because of the coronavirus

The novel coronavirus poses a health risk, but the press has exaggerated it because of not having much meaningful news to report.

One’s much more likely to get run down by a car or die of a heart attack than to get this virus. Telling people to stop going outside because of the coronavirus is just as insane as warning them to not use knives due to the possibility of messing up and cutting a finger off.

By preventing everything preventable, one dies of hunger and thirst.

Worrying about actions with minuscule risks is pointless.

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The world needs victims

Problems are solved after misfortunes happen, therefore big change happens after big tragedies. This is sad, but that’s how the world rolls.

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When in a queue, instead of playing useless games, I complete microtasks. I have many notes full of tiny tasks, each one taking at most a minute to complete. I can’t stand wasting time.

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Chinese Apple fakes

Why do Chinese copycats trying to pretend they have the real thing always fail so badly? Why do they make it so obvious that what they’re selling is fake despite pretending it’s genuine? To make sure their friends don’t get scammed?

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“Do not disturb” in hotels

Most hotels give customers door tags with “Do not disturb” written on them. I don’t understand why. It’s obvious that no person ever wants to be ever disturbed. If you think that it’s something about cleaning the room, it isn’t: hotels give out these tags even when you’re staying for one night.

Plus, in hotels with actual keys, you give them to the reception when leaving. So they know when you’re gone. In those with plastic cards, the hotel knows I’m in my room as soon I as open the door.

I am in one of these today, and there’s a button instead of a tag. The button works only when I have my card inside the slot (I tried the business card approach; everything works only when the card is in there), so I got a second card. And as soon as I come back from outside DND is deactivated so I have to press the button once more. This button would be super useful if it would physically block the door from being opened by hotel staff or anybody else with the key, but it just shines a barely noticeable LED.

P. S. Does the Ritz Carlton do this?

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There is a strange job out there: the florist. Its definition is “a person that arranges and sells cut flowers”. The latter part is okay, but in this case florists would be flower vendors.

The only reason why florists have kept their jobs and not become artists is symbolisms. Apparently different combinations convey different meanings, so florists need to make sure I won’t offend the person I’m giving the flowers to. But the only people who know these meanings are, well, florists. Madness.

Florists should just make beautiful flower combinations, therefore becoming artists.

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