How to fund me

I’m not one to beg for money. But I do believe that informing you, my treasured reader, on how to fund me, will leave us both better off in the long run.


I build websites, design transit maps, visual presentations, logos, & brand identities, offer privacy consultations, edit videos, write articles in English, Italian, & Russian, and translate between those languages.


You can also buy an ad in this blog or sponsor my travel posts.


Everything that I publish digitally—whether blog posts, music, or software—is freely available.

If you find value in what I do and want to support me, donate in XMR to 871Hun183Cc2yXRmP4cEeUG8uiCkXfZPFQt5WVK6tCgxedWTXrpFGNTi9aRgknjYsh3jCD6iY9eyxMpGdr4xNyDNT7ZrKsK. You can buy some at LocalMonero thru my affiliate link.

You can also fund my Uberspace server costs @robert.

If you have something else to offer, reach out too.

To contact me, send a message on Telegram @RobertBlinov or on Session to 0590048bce6d85c93fbcdd660f5130ad6932c3e1613ccf68cd1673d1454f7b301c.