A better abbreviation for sine & cosine

For some weird reason the abbreviation for sine is sin and cos for cosine. This is madness compared to the beautiful and logical abbreviation for tangent and cotangent: tg and ctg respectively.

My proposal:

sine si
cosine csi
tangent tg
cotangent ctg

Quite obviously, I submitted them to my local ISO representative for review.

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Atuok 2018

The abbreviation of tangent is actually tan, and for cotangent it is usually cot. SI is the acronym for the International System, this may cause some confusion.

Robert 2018

Thank you! The textbooks that I use use tgctg, but my calculator tan, so I see that there isn’t yet an agreed on abbreviation.

I’m pretty sure there won’t be any confusion between the International System and sines, but sncsn would also be great abbreviations.