Uranium shells in Ukraine

After hearing about the UK’s intent to supply Ukraine with uranium-filled shells, I first thought that it was fake-news clickbait or satire. But it is true.

Depleted or not, uranium is a toxic contaminant that causes cancers & birth defects, and which takes thousands of years to break down after dissemination. True hellraisers, these so-called strategists.

This latest decision is total proof that they do not actually care about the Ukrainians and their supposed land. The conflict is being dragged on merely to normalise permanent deprivation (and to launder money in the process).

It is a part of the 2030 agenda: toxic and infertile soil leads to less available land, which leads to less real food, and thus more power over the people, including the ability to push us into smart prison cities.

The warmongers must be stopped before they turn the already enormous suffering, destruction, and death into World War 3.