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Cancel culture

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Tech companies ban Trump & Co.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Snapchat have banned Trump and his closest allies

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Immune to cancel culture

Cancel culture is spreading far and wide. Some people want to forcefully rename a company that uses the word Eskimo because they believe that it is offensive

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Facebook blocked me. A picture story

I have zero posts on Facebook and use it only for work-related purposes. Nevertheless, it believes I broke its сommunity standards

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Good causes and cults

I might get slapped in the face for this. But telling the truth will make the world a better place, which is more important

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Can’t please everyone

Deleting dangerous posts? Killing free speech. Not deleting dangerous posts? Blessing the crazy

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Cancel culture and dialogue

I despise cancel culture: responding to every mishap is a path to isolation

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