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The novel coronavirus

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Public healthcare is unfair

Those who don’t comply with the law are healed with tax money of those who do

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Why the flu disappeared

The flu disappeared because of distancing, masks, and other restrictions. Covid didn’t because it has a higher R0

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Pandemic havens

Tax havens are territories where individual money is never seized by the government

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The best-designed vaccine

The best-designed vaccine Prevents both from getting sick and from spreading the virus to others

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There would be no lockdown if hospitals were private

Countries and cities lock down during growth of coronavirus cases to not overload public hospitals

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Maskless as a symbol of power

During his latest construction site visit, maskless Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin was surrounded by masked builders and district representatives

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 28

Week 26 ←→ Weeks 30 & 31...

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My Telegram posts during 2020’s week 23

Week 22 ←→ Week 24

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Why online public school won’t last

I’m entering week three of online school, the best school experience I’ve ever had

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