Widthwise stripes on flags

Unlike heightwise stripes, widthwise stripes on flags don’t stop any hue from being seen when the wind blows


Times have become tough for Nokia—it is now skimping on letter strokes

Website for “Nel Segno di Bacco”

«Nel Segno di Bacco» is an Italian artistic group touring the country with a musical play about wine, food, and conviviality


Some say that the Disney D is weird. But I find the y to be the weird letter here, looking more like a p

Cracking a can open

Cracking a can open is an even better audiotactile sensation than popping a bottle’s cork

Three hands raised

Has a person raised three hands to highlight how much he wants to respond? No.

Motorcycle vs. electric scooter

It is a designer’s job to turn life’s motorcycles into electric scooters

Unhappy with Apple

Over the past two years I’ve grown quite unhappy with Apple. The beauty and iconicity of its products is not enough for me to continue supporting the company

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