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Bus route naming

Bus routes should be named logically, so they can be easily memorised.

This is done well in Bologna. The bus to the airport is BLQ, the IATA code for the airport. The one to Fico food mall is F.

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The 19th Covid

Kellyanne Conway recently mentioned that Covid-19 was the 19th Covid. This gaffe was caused by poor naming: the disease should have been called Covid-2019.

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Physical distancing

The world doesn’t need any social distancing. In fact, we should narrow social gaps in a world that is being divided by cults pretending to be good causes.

Standing four and a half metres from the next person in line should be called physical distancing.

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What are all these people talking about? Nursultan is a great name for Kazakhstan’s capital. People named places after their founders for ages:

Saudi Arabia

P. S. Nursultan, Aisultan and all similar names rock.

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An impossible name

A review of a person’s name who is friends with my friends.

Çårlø Mãrçölîñï. What a mess! This name can’t be true. Let alone most of the diacritics on these letters are from different languages, some of them are used without necessity.

Ç.c that sounds like s in Catalan, French, Friulian, Occitan, Manx. Used in loanwords in English, Basque, Spanish, and Dutch. Similar to the x in Mexico being pronounced h in Spanish. Nothing bad so far.
Å. Similar to a in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, North Frisian, Walloon, Chamorro, Lule Sami, Skolt Sami, Southern Sami, and Greenlandic.
Oops! There’s no point to go further with the first name, as these two letters don’t simultaneously exist in any language.

Ã. An interesting vowel used in Portuguese, Guaraní, Kashubian, Taa, Aromarian, and Vietnamese. Each uses it differently.
With ç already reviewed this last name is doomed.

I know that this name has been stained with diacritics for the fun of a “cool” handle. Nevertheless, it is important how internauts will call you in real life, Sarlœ Marsöligni.

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It’s not San Remo, but Sanremo

The city where I live during the summer is called Sanremo. The name originated from the local dialect, where the name of the area’s patron, saint Romulus (Italian: san Romolo), was shortened to become Sanromu. Centuries later, locals who weren’t interested in history started believing that there has been a saint Remus, leaving a plethora of misspelling and misinterpretation behind.

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Device names

Companies, fix your device names! When a first-time customer sees your phone offerings, they have no idea what to pick because it is impossible to find out when something was released without doing research.

Here’s a bad example: Watch Series 3, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPad mini 4, iPad (5th gen), iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 11, macOS High Sierra. Ugh!

Apple always strives for the perfect, but as more and more models of products are released, some customers can’t keep up.

Here’s the right way to do it: Watch 2017, iPhone mini 2017, iPhone 2017, iPhone Plus 2017, iPhone X (no need for a year until next year), iPad mini 2017, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 10.5 2017, iPad Pro 12.9 2017, iOS 2017, macOS 2017.

Feel free to contact me for naming advice (for anything, from devices to train stations).

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