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My longest train journey was 9 hours 10 minutes on a¬†Minsk ‚Üí¬†Moscow night train on August 23‚Äď24, 2022 that cost 4883.80¬†‚āĹ, beating the¬†previous record of¬†8 hours 11 minutes on a¬†Moscow ‚Üí St.¬†Petersburg night train on¬†June¬†23‚Äď24, 2022 that cost 2495.60¬†‚āĹ.

Voice announcements on Italian train

We are now arriving in Taggia. The train is 60 minutes late

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Genoa in June 2019

Flying in, architecture, building numeration, plaques, birds, tree, voice announcement

Riga in February 2019

Trees, square, bin, train, lights, mosaic, plaques

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Geneva in October 2020 and July 2021

Typography, architecture, design, and nature

London in January 2020

Tube train buttons, waffle marking, wayfinding, beautiful plaques, town square, greenery, shops, clever design

Bologna in July 2019

Cicadas, plaques, plants, architecture, university, typography, illustrations

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Thameslink voice announcement

Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. This station is Horley. This train terminates at Bedford

Wi-Fi signs in trains

Wi-Fi signs on train doors will be noticed by passengers only when they’re about to get off

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Train door buttons

Bad and good

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Driverless trains

How have driverless trains still not replaced normal ones? I get the situation with cars, as they need approvals and laws, but trains are different

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