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Urgent messages

Phone calls differ from messages by their urgency. If someone is calling me unexpectedly, something must have gone wrong

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QR codes

It’s a bad scenario when QR codes are being scanned by a human. It’s a good one a human approaches a machine that scans his or her QR code

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Pigna Library website v1.1

The Pigna Library happens to host events. There is a dedicated events block to get the readers to know about them

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Train door buttons

Bad and good

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Contextual text in articles

Almost anything can be easily revealed about any internet user. Why not use it to give authors a powerful way to contextualise what people read?

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Auto-save while printing

I have a document open as I’m printing it. Then, I catch a typo in a part which hasn’t been printed yet

 No comments   2018   user interface

“Don’t wake” quasimode

How is a quasimode which lets me move my mouse without waking my computer up not a thing?

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My wishes for iOS 13

With iOS 12 being a booming success, it is a small step away from being ideal. Here are my wishes for iOS 13

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An elevator control panel for 30+ floor buildings

Continuing my fascination with elevator control panels, here is an example of what should and shouldn’t be done when a building has many floors...

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Redesigning an elevator control panel

There’s this two-floor building which I often visit with an elevator interface that is way too complex

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