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Sanremo in 2019–2021

Sanremo is my favourite city in the world

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Called the EU about chatcontrol

Chatcontrol is unacceptable. That is why I began calling EU officials

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1984: health pass required at McDonald’s

I know of no better way to declare sheepdom than to show a “health pass” to enter McDonald’s

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Riga in February 2019

Trees, square, bin, train, lights, mosaic, plaques

 No comments   9 mo   design   Europe   Italy   plaques   public spaces   trains   travel   video

Water fountain interfaces

Bad button and good lever

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Canada geese in London

January 18, 2020

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Alternative math

Being politically correct all the time is similar to being brain-dead

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Wash your hands properly

 No comments   2020   Covid   video

Why zero factorial is one

What a great lecture

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