Permanent summer time

European clocks will be dialled forward by one hour tonight. This clock-switching ritual is not just pointless, but also deadly

Uranium shells in Ukraine

After hearing about the UK’s intent to supply Ukraine with uranium-filled shells, I first thought that it was fake-news clickbait or satire

The fresh-air muse

The best ideas never come in front of a computer

Zero screen-time

Life is not lived thru a screen

WHO’s crying wolf

The World Health Organisation has overdosed the world with misinformation, inevitably leading to many no longer taking its warnings seriously

Smiling at cute dogs

Whenever I see a cute dog nearby, I come close and smile in its face

People wearing AirPods

People wearing AirPods are NPCs under mind-control, voluntarily frying their brains with harmful non-natural electromagnetic frequencies


Until a few years ago, I found packaged mozzarella gross because of the liquid it swims in

Cracking a can open

Cracking a can open is an even better audiotactile sensation than popping a bottle’s cork

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