Me, Robert Blinov

Finger protocol

The command line is quick, simple, and resource-efficient. Whenever reasonable, I use it instead of a GUI

The industrial smell of London

The industrial smell of London brings me a kind of euphoria that I don’t feel in any other circumstance

Good vibrations in unlikely circumstances

I fondly remember having uniquely good vibrations in two unlikely circumstances of the recent past

I dreamt, therefore I slept

My version of the famous René Descartes quote

The fresh-air muse

The best ideas never come in front of a computer

Thankful to wake up each day

Ever since the 2022 Ukrainian escalation, the first thing that I feel every morning is gratitude for being alive and not having been wiped out by a nuke

How I listen to music

Most of my music-listening goes like this

Zero screen-time

Life is not lived thru a screen

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