Conscientious socialism

Socialism fails because of the tragedy of the commons—a kind of prisoner’s dilemma

Money is a go-between

Money is a go-between—a supposedly neutral tool that involved parties trust more than they trust each other


I work no matter what, because that’s what we, men, are supposed to do. In fact, we need to work even more—for the wellbeing of future generations

Dating apps

Most dating apps wouldn’t be profitable if they helped folk get into long-term relationships

Non-instant tax rebates

Non-instant tax rebates are scams: all they do is replace income tax with inflation


Being a loving wife and mother is a woman’s most important role in life

Bank fees

Most banks have a transaction fee that nearly always goes unseen by the customer

People’s price caps

Now that the EU has popularised price caps, I say that we the people should introduce our own

Copyrighted euros

Euro banknotes are marked © ECB

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