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Uranium shells in Ukraine

After hearing about the UK’s intent to supply Ukraine with uranium-filled shells, I first thought that it was fake-news clickbait or satire

Thankful to wake up each day

Ever since the 2022 Ukrainian escalation, the first thing that I feel every morning is gratitude for being alive and not having been wiped out by a nuke

The Kiev circus

The Kiev circus is one of flag-spinners, fire-breathers, knife-throwers, money-magicians, leopards, and a clown

The Russia-NATO double-standard

Mainstream Western propaganda claims “Putin won’t stop in Ukraine and intends to go into Europe”, comparing him to Hitler

Environmentalism has been hijacked

Eliminating waste and pollution is a noble cause. But environmentalism today has been almost completely taken over by climate alarmists

Mainstream media lies about Ukraine

I’m worried that the mainstream media peddling lies about Ukraine will lead to more loss of life and freedom

New nations with WMDs

Under no circumstances should any additional nation get to have weapons of mass destruction

“Peacekeeping weapons”

Government: “We’re using these weapons for peacekeeping.”


War is massive organised murder that drastically expands government power and extinguishes freedom


Gaming, something that many believe to be a waste of time, is being rebranded as e-sports, something that sounds prestigious

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